As Bay Area wedding photographers, we've seen it all.

      We are Sam and Ariel, the acclaimed husband and wife photography team behind Bowerbird Photography. This is our home, the California Bay Area. We've just turned mom and pop by the recent arrival of our little cutie (smiling above). Despite having a toddler in tow, we still feel and act like newlyweds (hope you don't mind a little PDA). Yet, not that we're old, we get called "seasoned professionals," "veterans," and even, "old timers" in the SF Bay Area wedding industry. We've been lucky enough to fill our days with an unbelievable amount of beauty from all the brides and grooms we've met, and the places where we've documented their love stories. Experiencing such joy is an antidote to aging.

Meet the top people behind the names. 

       There are plenty of wedding website that compile stats and dispense general tips. The teams that make weddings great are comprised of people: we are interested in the people and faces behind the names. To make an informed choice, it is just as important to know who, as much as what and how much. We've created these videos to provide answers that can't be read in words. For example, when watching these videos, we imagine couples asking, "will this person be a good personality fit for us?" These videos allow couples to make decisions based on their hearts, as well as their minds. Also, brides and grooms can tune in to get great tips from experts tailored to weddings in the Bay Area. Information about the local Bay Area wedding scene, in such a personable style, just doesn't exist outside of Top Bay Area Wedding Venues and Vendors.

A labor of love, not money.

       Doing these videos is a labor of love. Unlike many of the other big wedding websites, vendors and venues do not pay us to be listed. We produce about one video a month. This project scratches an itch. Ariel used to take photo essays and review San Francisco restaurants and music concerts for several newspapers. Sam is a retired lawyer who spent his weekdays reviewing legal cases and weekends photographing weddings, finally leaving the legal life to pursue more uplifting stories, like the ones featured here. We do it, because we love it.

We want you to have the wedding of your dreams.

       For such an important and emotional occasion as a wedding, we want to make it easy for couples to find professionals they love, who gracefully and consistently contribute to outstanding experiences. We also get something out of the deal. At Bowerbird Photography, getting to document meaningful and awesome moments in people's lives is our passion.

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